Calmness and Connection During COVID-19

Many of us are feeling isolated during this lifestyle change that COVID-19 is forcing upon us.  Working remotely, learning remotely and much less social contact is taking its toll.

Luckily there are ways we can keep our Social Distance and stay safe, while finding ways to connect with others!  We’re fortunate during this technological age to have many ways of interacting via our computer or mobile devices.  We need to make sure we keep connecting via phone, Face Time, Whats App, Zoom etc.

One great, fun way to connect is to host a Happy Hour with friends or relatives on Zoom!  Everyone pours a glass or wine or beverage of their choice and you all hang out and have fun connecting in a relaxed atmosphere!  Catching up and sharing memories with those you care about is important during this time when our social interaction is limited!

Another great way to have fun is with Games!  There are games designed to be played on Zoom, giving us the ability to get together and have fun, while keeping our social distance.  We at Conveniently Yours, LLC are also coming out with a game in 2021 that will have both an In-person and Zoom version!  Be sure to sign up for our newsletter, to be among the first to hear about the games release date!  And you’ll be able to take advantage of a Special Offer for our Newsletter Members only!

So keep reaching out and staying connected during this time of limited social contact!  It’s great for your spirits and will reduce feelings of isolation and stress!

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