Countdown to Spring

Having something to look forward to is important in life! A big part of the joy of whatever occasion is upcoming, is the planning, preparing and looking forward to the experience!  For those of you who are tired of Winter like I am, Happy Countdown to Spring!

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Whether you get a little down in the Winter or you’re just plain tired of the cold, knowing that the warmer weather is in reach puts a little spring in our step!

Especially in these COVID times, when we’re cooped up enough already, those frigid temps making us not want to leave the house doesn’t help matters any.  At least in the Spring, we can go out for a walk, run, hike, bike ride etc. and enjoy the outdoors; masked and observing social distancing of course.

Here are some tips for enjoying the little things in life that we can look forward to despite our coronavirus restrictions!

Meet Up With a Friend Outdoors

Call a friend or a few friends and plan a walk, hike, bike ride, etc. or even plan to sit in a park and enjoy coffee or lunch together.

Plan a Day Outing

Get together with some friends and plan a day in which you can head to a Riverwalk, lake, etc. and enjoy nature!  Being near the water is always calming!

Do Some Planting

Planting flowers, plants, shrubs or trees will add beauty to your property or neighborhood!  Planting gives us a sense of accomplishment, and taking care of and monitoring the growth of what we’ve planted in an enjoyable pastime!

Happy Hour’s & Cocktail Parties

Plan an online birthday cocktail party for your friends, loved ones or  co-workers!  Or schedule a Friday happy hour!  Thanks to technology we can have a virtual event via video conferencing and have fun with those we miss!  You can make it more fun by having everyone create a verbal gift for birthday guy/gal, as in re-living an awesome memory you’ve shared or a funny thing that happened!

In general, whether it’s looking forward to your favorite season, a milestone or a special event, having something to look forward to in life is vital!  During these COVID times, we just have to improvise a little!


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