Dealing with Holiday Stress

Tis the season to be Jolly . . well, not necessarily.  For many of us the Holiday Season can cause a huge amount of stress.  There are many reasons we get stressed out during the holidays.  Some of them include dealing with the loss of loved ones, separation among families due to divorce or family feuding, unrealistic expectations, over-commercialization, inability to cope with the demands upon us, loneliness etc.

During COVID19 we have the added stress of not being able to be with family and friends.  It’s important during this time to be in touch with your feelings and honor them!  Don’t do things you feel obligated to do just because others want you to do them.  Know when to say NO!  You can come up with very credible reasons that you are unable to attend a gathering or do other things that others expect of you without saying, “I don’t want to be there.”  Honor Thyself!  It will go a long way!

Be realistic in your expectations!  And don’t allow others to encumber you with their high expectations.  If others are expecting lavish and sometimes outlandish gifts, that’s their problem.  I, like many, like to keep things simple and in perspective.  I always give a gift that’s personal and has a special meaning for the recipient.  Better than something that’s bought to impress, a personal thoughtful gift is always appreciated and much more meaningful!

Something that can be of great help to you for a feel-good holiday is to reach out to others!  If you have a friend or neighbor who doesn’t get out much or doesn’t have family nearby, reach out to them!  Perhaps drop off some cookies to them, or invite then over for coffee or a meal.  Cheering someone else up so often cheers us up in the process!

Another great way to feel good is to donate gifts to the less privileged, and even volunteer to pass out the gifts.  Or go to a children’s ward of a hospital or an orphanage and volunteer to spread holiday cheer to the children. You’ll be amazed at how wonderful it makes you feel!

It’s also important to Give To Yourself during the holidays!  Treat yourself to something special that makes you happy!  And don’t abandon your healthy habits that keep you grounded and healthy, just because of the hustle  and bustle!  Maintain your healthy eating habits (of course we all splurge a little)!  Don’t neglect your exercise – keep those endorphins flowing- they’re your friends, especially during unusually stressful times!

Keeping your holiday season in the perspective of what makes you happy and what you’re comfortable with, is a true gift to yourself!  Only when you’re relaxed and happy can you truly enjoy the holidays and the company of others!  Have a Merry!


Believe you can and you’re halfway there.  Theodore Roosevelt


I haven’t slept for three days, because that would be too long.