As we get ready to take on a new year, no better way to do it that feeling free of clutter!  I’m sure we’ve all cleaned out that cluttered closet and got that wow feeling of how great it feels to get rid of all that extra stuff that we don’t need.

As the old rule of thumb says, if you haven’t worn it in six months, you’ll probably never wear it again in most cases.  Here are some helpful tips!

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

Don’t overwhelm yourself by taking on too much all at once.  Don’t attempt to declutter your entire home in one swoop.  It can get quite overwhelming and you’ll probably end up not finishing it.  Pick one area at a time and when it’s done, move on to the next.  Even if it’s just your desk, to start.  You’ll clean it out and it’ll feel good! Then move on to the next project!


There’s an added benefit to purging items that you don’t need anymore!  There are many other folks who are in need of what you’re getting rid of.  As the old saying goes, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.  Whether it’s clothing or housewares, contact your local charity or church and give the items to someone who can really use them.

Feel Good

In addition to enjoying your freedom from clutter, you’ll have that great feeling of having helped someone in need!  And you’ll feel less hesitant to part with all that stuff when you know it’s going to good use!


Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your BALANCE, you must keep moving.  Albert Einstein


There is no “I” in denial.