How Many Cups o’ Joe

Coffee is a popular drink these days, probably more than ever!  And gathering in a coffee shop is a favorite past time of many!  With social distancing of course, during these pandemic days.  Most of us have our favorite cup o’ joe from a special café or our own brew at home.

Barring any health conditions, the medical community says that a cup or two of coffee shouldn’t cause you any harm and may actually be good for you.  But when too much caffeine is consumed it can  negatively affect your health!

When we find ourselves ‘stressed out’, many of us don’t think of caffeine as the culprit.  But one of the main side effects of too much caffeine is anxiety!  Consuming too much caffeine can also cause insomnia, digestive issues, high blood pressure and rapid heart rates.

Avoid a  Problem

If you find yourself feeling anxious or jittery from too much caffeine, try switching to decaf or maybe a half and half combo of regular coffee and decaf.

Another great option are the many herbal teas on the market, which can be quite tasty and great for your health!  In addition to the black and green teas there are some that are great ones if you’re stressed, as they’re naturally good for promoting calmness and reducing insomnia.

Read up on some healthy teas such as chamomile, mint, rose, lavender, etc.  Many herbal teas have a host of other health benefits as well.


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