Looking Out for Our Furry Friends and Fellow Man

There’s nothing like a frigid winter’s night to bring our attention to that poor, stray, neighborhood cat, or those cute birds that haven’t flown south for the winter.  It can really feel good to know you’re helping them by putting out some food or bird seed.

And if you’re a real animal lover who worries about them and stresses over whether they’ll survive when the temps dip very low, it can give you some comfort to give them a little food and shelter.

Bird Feeders

Placing a bird feeder in your yard is a great way to insure our little feathered friends will get the nutrition they need to survive the winter.  You can even get one that suctions to your window so you can watch the birds eating, up-close and personal.  I purchased one a few years ago and get much enjoyment while sitting in my family room, watching them all show up for breakfast.

It’s interesting to see their behavior and learn first-hand about the term “pecking order” we use so frequently.  Just be sure to place it in a place where the squirrels can’t get at it.  I actually find it quite relaxing, watching all the little guys chow down!  And it makes me feel great to be helping them!

Kitty Haven

Feeling sorry for those poor stray kitties can be stressful.  Putting out food for them in the cold winter months is a wonderful gesture.  You can also create a safe haven for those cats who can seem to find shelter in the frigid cold.  A great way to accomplish this is to get a covered litter box and line it with a blanket.  Or, any plastic box will do.

You can simple cut a hole in it for the entrance and place a piece of carpeting or  a blanket inside. You’ll be happy to know that your furry friends are enjoying a warm, cozy haven!

Helping the Homeless

Unfortunately there are so many of our fellow citizens today who are homeless.  There have always been homeless folks among us, but today the numbers are increasing and the resources with which to help them are consumed quickly.

Whether it’s unneeded clothing, blankets, food or a monetary donation, it’s a great thing to pitch in and help those in need!  Thanks to your kindness, you’ll definitely lessen the stress level of the recipient, and you’ll feel good knowing you helped your fellow man!


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