New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year!  A time to plan, regroup, set goals and progress with things we want out of life!  Resolving to get things done is great, but doing it in a positive way and a way that’s sure not to increase your stress levels is important!

Here are some helpful hints while making your list!

Write Them Down.

And set parameters.  Don’t just write exercise, for example.  It helps to be clear about what that exercise might entail, i.e. 20 sit-ups per day; walk 1 mile, 3 times per week, etc.  Write them on a calendar or in a log book so you can keep yourself accountable. It helps!

Make Them Attainable

Don’t set your goals so high that they’re unachievable!  You’re not going to become an Olympic Athlete with one year’s preparation, so don’t stress yourself but trying to do too much, then end up doing nothing.  You can bump up the quantity / frequency periodically.

But when starting out, the key is to do something attainable.  Something you’ll have time for.  Something you’ll actually do!  The key is keeping up with it so that you’re not back to your old ways by February or March!

Add Fun Things Too

Don’t make it feel like work!  Don’t just resolve to do those self-improvement things that feel like chores, i.e. lose weight, exercise more, etc.  Add in some fun things that you enjoy, that you don’t get the chance to do much, like learning a new language, taking dance lessons or a gourmet cooking class, etc.

And don’t forget that some things are conducive to multi-tasking, without stressing.  Practice that new language while you’re on the treadmill.  You won’t only accomplish two things at once, but it’ll make your time exercising go that much faster.

It’s about making your life more complete and productive, and enjoyable things are a big part of that!

Plan Time for Relaxation

Be proactive.  Don’t wait until you’re all tense and stressed out to do some meditation, yoga or whatever relaxes you.  It’s important to ward off anxiety and by regularly participating in relaxing activities is a great way to do so!


At the end of the month, look at your log book or calendar.  If you haven’t been keeping up with your resolutions, maybe you need to adjust the numbers.  But don’t give up!  Just adjust to something more do-able!


It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.  William James


A man in New York gets stabbed every 52 seconds.  Poor bastard.