The Vaccine – More Than Protection From The Virus

The scientific and medical communities are telling us to get the Covid-19 vaccine. The benefits are obvious, as it can prevent sickness and death. But let’s not overlook the psychological benefits!

Fear of getting the Coronavirus is strong.  Not only the fear of getting sick, but fear of even being near those we love and work with since we can possible catch it from them.

Covid-19 has caused us lots of anxiety!  The stress of isolation and not being able to lead a normal life. The lessened socialization can lead to stress, anxiety and depression.

So let’s roll up our sleeves and free ourselves from the physical and emotional threat of Covid-19. Give your loved ones a hug, and life will be sweet again!


Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive!        Hafez


I’ve taken up speed reading.  I can read “War and Peace” in twenty seconds.  It’s only three words but it’s a start.